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Fishery Director, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership07-30-2014
Communications Director, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana 08-01-2014
Assistant Director, Marine Conservation and Fisheries, Wildlife Conservation Society07-31-2014
Executive Director, UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute08-04-2014
Political Director, Save the Bay08-15-2014
Southeast Regional Marine Debris Coordinator, NOAA/IMSG08-15-2014
Director, Ocean and Coastal Policy Program, Duke University08-01-2014
Pacific Islands Marine Debris Assistant Regional Coordinator, NOAA/IMSG 08-15-2014
Antarctic Research Facilities and Special Projects Program Manager (Program Director), National Science Foundation08-04-2014
Senior Associate, Global Shark Conservation Campaign, Pew Charitable Trusts08-29-2014
Sustainable Fisheries Initiative Program Assistant, Wild Salmon Center08-29-2014
Project and Campaign Manager, Whale and Dolphin Conservation08-04-2014
Marine Ecosystem Services Researcher, Plymouth Marine Laboratory08-08-2014
Tropical modeling postdocs at Los Alamos National Lab07-31-2014
CIMAS positions open at NOAA AOML09-30-2014
Fish Passage Restoration Specialist, NOAA/ERT07-31-2014
Environmental Policy Analyst, NOAA/ERT07-31-2014
Analyst I, NOAA/JHT07-31-2014
Analyst II, NOAA/JHT07-31-2014
Analyst I, NOAA/JHT07-31-2014

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